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Candy Kisses and Yummy Smooches

A smooch can be a way to show affection or to express love or tenderness towards your partner. Kissing is a common form of physical intimacy in romantic relationships, and can help to build connection and strengthen the bond between partners.

A yummy flavored smooch is a kiss that tastes good or has a pleasing flavor. There are a few ways to make your kisses more yummy:

Practice good hygiene: Make sure to brush your teeth and freshen your breath before kissing.

Eat or drink something tasty before kissing: You can try eating or drinking something with a pleasant flavor, such as fruit or mint, before kissing.

Use flavored lip balms or glosses Try Dude’s Love  flavored lip jelly  to give your lips a yummy flavor. Experiment with different flavors.

✅ DO turn off /silence your phone and put it away

✅ DO be respectful and take their consent

✅ DO communicate clearly

✅ DO make sure your breath is fine, practise good hygiene!

✅ DO pick a Lip Jelly with a Yummy  flavour you'll actually wear daily.


❌ DON'T pick up a cheap brands of lip balm or lip jelly.

❌ DON'T keep it in your car or leave it on a hot car dashboard

❌ DON'T rush, take your time

❌ DON’T  bite their lip

❌ DON’T kiss if you have a cold sore

❌ DON’T forget to hold them close!


Remember: What is on your lips is definitely going in- at least some of it! Make sure it is naturally safe and free of chemicals. Get your sweetie to plant one on your lips with a yummy  lip smooch.
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